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Art By Clark is done by Clark Matheson, a local artist who’s talents far exceed that of the time he has to utilize all of his abilities.  

Thanks to people like yourself, Clark is able to focus his time and energy to the art of stained glass.  Clark has done his fair share of other ‘art’ work as you will see through out the site, but his passion for stained glass shines made it his choice from his other talents.

All of the big pieces (stained glass) are 1 of 1, meaning Clark has only produced one of each to be sold to the public. This is done to assure that when comparing your Art By Clark with your friends and family, you can be sure that you are the ONLY one to have one of these amazing pieces of art completed by Clark himself.

Art By Clark Stained Glass Lindsay ON

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I discovered my passion and talent for art when I was a kid growing up in Nova Scotia.  I spent most of my time sketching through my teen age years, and when I moved to Ontario in my early twenties I was exposed to stone art.  I took a course on stone carving at the Haliburton School of Fine Arts and was fortunate enough to have a small side business creating ONE OF A KIND sculptures for people.

A back injury slowed my ability to carve stone, but did not slow my passion for art.  After considering a couple of options, stained glass art quickly became what I knew I would do for the rest of my life.  I quickly learned how to create some incredible stained glass pieces using some very complex and challenging patterns. Through my own designs or yours, custom stained glass is what I do.

As of now, I’m specializing in custom stained glass sales and stained glass repair  in Lindsay Ontario, as well as Peterborough and all surrounding areas.


Clark Matheson

Stained Glass Sales and Repair Lindsay Ontario

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